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Solar Torch

Technical specifications of Led Torch


Available with us is an exclusive range of Solar LED torches that is compact and handy to carry, making it the best product in the category of flashlight torches. These LED torches are fitted with inbuilt Solar panel and super bright white LEDs that are very efficient and long lasting.


Technical specifications of LED Search Light


Applications: Security/Vigilance

Construction Sites


Farm Houses




Fire Department

Disaster Management


Technical specifications of DRAGON LIGHT


Long range Search Light with Powerful 55W Halogen Lamp operating up to 1Km with inbuilt SMPS Charger and 12V7AH battery.


TFC is single piece construction & made of Super Tough glass filled Nylon material having minimum 2 mm thickness.


* 160mm dia x 250 mm length fitted with specially designed deep parabola reflector having 50/55 watt, 12 volts halogen lamp, 12 volts & 7AH rechargeable maintenance free battery.

* Suitable for 35w / 55w Halogen Lamp.

* Operating range of about 1000 mt. (i.e. 1 KM)

* Bean distance of 350 mt. So as to detect group of persons.

* Shock resistance front glass.

* SMPS inbuilt charger working on from 90v to 270v, 50Hz.

* Emergency Lighting Effect for INDOORS user.

* Timer, Manual Flasher and Continuous Mode

* DC blown fuse indicator is provided on the panel

* Advance low battery status indicator is also provided.


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